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To share my mountain biking knowledge, for free, with the racers born with wanderlust but don’t know where to start.

MTB Knowledge Vision.

MTB Knowledge is driven by the innate desire to learn and grow in mountain biking to ride, tour, photograph, upgrade, and the lust for going everywhere on a bike.

The Riders Story

I encourage everyone to try bicycle touring for a week, a weekend, or even just a night. The only regret you will have is not doing it earlier. 😊

About MTBBeing not a writer but a biker, I never knew where to start telling my story because, TBH, while starting my blog, I never knew it needed some official pages like about us, privacy policy, and things like that to run a website…

However, I loved doing it because, with this, I could share my story with my readers and connect better with the community.

So, being not a professional writer, I beg your pardon in advance if you find some of my words not that fair to middling.

Coming back to the story, it was summer in 1991 when I first saw a group of bike riders (on television) showing their unbelievably wicked moves while running their two-wheelers off the cliffs, stones, mud, and whatnot.

I was enthralled with the idea of having a bike and learning to ride on the roughest roads. However, I didn’t have enough money to buy a good bike, and the one I used to borrow from one of my friends (some kiddish two-wheeler with no specific gears and knacks), I had already shattered while trying to do a jump. ☹️ There, I had nothing to drive but was eager to have one.

Living in Oak Glen, if you don’t, it’s a village famous for the fall apple festival and its historic apple orchards; luckily, I could ride through all kinds of routes and terrains. There is a River trail within walking distance to my home and a glass road that ends in Angelus Oak elevations.

However, the only problem was that I needed to have a bike. I was just seventeen and didn’t know much about the internet, google, or informative media. So, I had no information that I was interested in an off-road bike. All I knew was that I needed a cycle.

I discussed my dad about it, and he brought me a road racing bike. It was excellent, and I was excited too, but entering more into biking helped me understand the difference between different types of bikes.

I saved from my pocket money and remuneration; I used to work at a hardware store after school and bought a Muddy Fox Pathfinder, my first ever mountain bike, at a second-hand deal.

Riding it was like flying through the air or swimming inside an ocean; so clear, so soothing, and so pacifying. I rode, I fell, I jumped, but I never stopped.

In 2001, I took an off-road trip on my Muddy Fox Pathfinder. I was all alone, a newbie, and all I had was my bike, some water, a tent, and dry food. I even left my dog at home because I had no idea where my first trip was about to end.

However, I traveled around 2,000 kilometers, and after two weeks, I came home more confident and relaxed. The days, when I recall, were incredibly rich. I met various people (hikers and trekkers), yet I was wonderfully alone to do whatever I wanted and take the path I wished to take.

But this is not all; I also remember upgrading my bike knacks back in 2003 when I found a guide in the hardware store (where second-hand stuff used to come for sale).

But you don’t know what happened next…

When I tried to upgrade the gears using that bike guide, like a pro, I started with fitting drop bars, drilling holes in components to save weight, and replacing wheels… and in doing so, I busted its kits.

However, though it reckoned bucks, the learning I had about the gears and pieces of a bicycle, I guess, started from this point.

Now, this is 2022; I am a professional biker, but my love for mountain bikes is still the same. The main aim behind this is to just save novice riders, like me, with no mentors, from the humdrum I had to go through.

I will tell you about the best bicycle deals, free bike upgrading guides, some hacks and tricks to keep your bicycle different from others, and event details worldwide.

I don’t aim to make this platform a paid one in the future. However, I might earn some bucks if you buy through my links.

In the end, I genuinely hope that you will enjoy my guides, rides, and mountain biking tattletales I will add to my blog.

And one more thing…. I am always free and open to feedback and questions. You can ask me anything about mountain biking because I go through your queries every weekend and update blogs on the ones that more people ask.

Keep visiting me and blessing me with your feedback.

Your sincerity,

Trevor Humphres

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